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The Nigerian National Merit Award (NNMA) was established in 1979 by the Federal Government of Nigeria with the primary objective of recognizing and rewarding academic and intellectual excellence in the country. It serves as a prestigious honour bestowed upon individuals who have made significant contributions and achievements in various fields of endeavour. The award aims to promote and encourage the pursuit of excellence in disciplines such as the sciences, humanities, engineering, medicine, agriculture, and social sciences.

The selection process for the NNMA involves a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation of nominees by a distinguished panel of experts in their respective fields. Nominees are assessed based on their exceptional contributions, impact, innovation, and accomplishments. The panel meticulously reviews the nominees' bodies of work to identify those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding excellence and have made substantial advancements in their fields. The panel then submits recommendations to the federal government, which makes the final decision on the recipients of the award.

The fields of recognition for the NNMA are diverse and encompass a wide range of disciplines. This includes the sciences, humanities, engineering and technology, social sciences, agriculture, education, law, and fine and applied arts. The award serves as a platform to honour and celebrate the achievements of individuals who have excelled in these areas, providing national recognition for their outstanding accomplishments. The recipients of the NNMA are not only acknowledged with a prestigious title but are also presented with a cash prize and a certificate of merit during the annual award ceremony.

The significance and impact of the NNMA extend beyond the recognition bestowed on the laureates. The award serves as an inspiration for younger generations, encouraging them to strive for excellence in their chosen fields. It highlights the importance of intellectual pursuits and their profound influence on national development. By honouring exceptional individuals, the NNMA aims to foster a culture of academic and intellectual excellence, contributing to the growth and advancement of Nigeria's intellectual landscape.

Over the years, the NNMA has gained prominence and become highly regarded within the academic and intellectual communities in Nigeria. The award continues to recognise and honour individuals who have made exceptional contributions, thus serving as a testament to the talent, ingenuity, and intellectual capacity present within the country.

Executive Secretary

From the Chairman's Desk

The Mission statement for NNMA reads: “Committed to stimulating and rewarding, academic and professional excellence for national development of Nigeria”. 


Innovativeness and Creativity have created more power, prospects and progress than the opposite: The more we cherish and acknowledge the gift or our mind, the better we can change our society.

Mrs Mercy Matilda Musa Moro'a.

Acting Secretary NNMA
  1. With clear communication, organized work, attention to detail, professionalism, collaboration, adaptability, confidentiality, self-care, we can commit ourselves to excellence.
  2. Embracing excellence in our administrative activities is the key to continuously improving NNMA and making it a better agency.

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